Hi, this is pastor Ken, and this is my Monday marriage message…It Was Very Good

Genesis 1:31 Then God saw everything that He had made, indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

You might rightly ask yourself, what on earth this verse has to do with marriage. Stick with me until the end and in fact into next week’s podcast, and I promise it will become abundantly evident why this verse is so important to you and your marriage. One of my favorite sayings is “Today is a good day to have a good day”. In fact, that quote hangs on a sign in our home just above the front door so that I can be reminded of it each day before I leave the house. Sometimes I need that reminder more than others. It is true though…today is a good day to have a good day! Did you know that God has good days too? You might ask, For God, isn’t every day a good day? The answer to that is no. How can that be? If God is good and loving, and in fact perfect (and He is) how can He have a bad day? Notice I did not say He has bad days…I only said some days are not good days in God’s view. We know this to be true from scripture…the scripture above to be exact.

Genesis 1:4 tells us that God viewed the first day of creation as a good day. Genesis 1:10 says that God saw what took place on the second day of creation as a good day. Genesis 1:12 tells us that God found the third day of creation to be a good day. Genesis 1:17 tells us that as God looked over all He had created on the fourth day that He saw it as a good day. Genesis 1:21 says that God viewed what He had created on the fifth day of creation as a good day. The sixth day was the day God created man and woman. Genesis 1:31 as quoted above tells us that God saw the sixth day of His creation and His response was that it was a very good day! In fact, verse 25 speaks to the fact that also on the sixth day God created the beasts of the earth. After doing so it says that He saw that it was good, but after He created Adam and Eve…about that…He said it was very good. God’s view of the day that He created the beings He desired to have relationship with got ‘kicked up a notch’ upon their arrival.

It is kind of reminiscent of what we do when we know there is a new baby coming. We prepare everything we can. We buy the items we will need to feed and clothe and care for the new baby when it arrives. We even find excitement in outlaying the money that we might not otherwise be so happy to part with. The days that we spend doing so are good days. We prepare the room in our home where the baby will sleep. We even give it a special name…the nursery. We paint and decorate, put together overpriced and under-crafted furniture, special for the baby’s needs. We hang the mobile with love and care, all in anticipation that the baby will soon arrive. It’s hard work, it takes time we would normally say we don’t have…but those are still good days. Then comes the day everyone has been waiting for. Mom says it’s time to go, so it’s off to the hospital for the coming arrival of the new family member. When the baby is finally here, even though it has been exhausting…especially for mom…when you are able to hold that tiny, warm…incredibly loud for its size, baby…it is a very good day! Why? Because the one you will spend the rest of your life enjoying relationship with is finally on scene!

I think God probably experienced some of those same emotions and feelings when all of the preparations of the previous five days were completed. I think when God was finally ready to create Adam and Eve, no matter how much energy had to go into getting ready for their arrival, it was a very good day! The Bible tells us in the beginning of the next chapter that on the seventh day God rested. When we rest after completing a large task, we often want to be alone…maybe take a nap, but not God. It is clear from His word and the requirements He put in place for that day of rest that His intention was to spend it with us! Have you ever considered that we, as His special, very good, creation are so important to God that the day after He created mankind, He took the next one off from the incredibly important work He had been doing just so He could spend it with His people!

Questions to Answer:

  1. What do you think made the sixth day a very good day for God over the previous five days?
  2. Do you see God as someone who has such a desire for human beings as I have described?
  3. Do you think He has individual feelings toward you?

Actions to Take:

  1. Continue praying for your marriage and for your spouse.
  2. Read Psalm 139 together and talk about what it says about how fondly God thinks toward the two of you.

So now, relishing in the fact that as far as God is concerned, the day you arrived was a very good

day…Go be Awesome!