Crossroad School of Theology (CSOT)

Crossroad School of Theology (CSOT) has partnered with Christian Life School of Theology (CLST) in Columbus, GA to launch a Bible college in the local community. It is the mission of CSOT to educate and disciple the God-given potential in each individual and to carry the message of the Gospel to the world. Christian Life School of Theology has 30 years of success establishing satellite schools throughout the United States and 30 countries. CSOT follows the high academic standards set by CLST. Many courses through CLST Global are eligible for credit transfer into fully accredited universities and colleges.

“The pursuit of God’s best for your life can be an exciting journey. The scriptures are where truth and direction can be secured when seeking God’s highest calling. From this quest a passion can develop to assist others in walking in the fullness of the path that God has prepared for them. It is my personal belief that this is impossible without an understanding of His Word. The more we know Him and understand His precepts, the more we can move in the areas He has lovingly prepared for us. It is because of this belief that I invite you to consider studying alongside the students of Crossroad School of Theology and encourage each of you to pursue the high calling given by Jesus to go and make disciples of all the world. We welcome all to come and lock arms with us in studying our Holy Bible.”

– Dr. Diane Twisselmann, Academic Dean of Crossroad School of Theology
All courses are $175 for graded student credit, including materials. If you are interested in more information or registering for a class, please contact Pat White by telephone at 302-629-0111 ext. 104 or via eMail HERE.